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Beretta's S689 Sable family of Express Rifles offers all the advantages that have made Beretta firearms renowned among hunters throughout the world. Simple in design and easy to maintain, they are rugged, reliable, accurate and lightweight. The S689 Sables are built on Beretta's reliable 20 gauge box lock shotgun frame and possess many of the advantages of their SSO Express Rifle brothers, including rifle-type firing pins and breech faces toughened to handle large centerfire cartridges. They feature double mechanical triggers for absolute reliability and positive barrel selection. The hinged front trigger protects the shooter's finger when firing heavy loads. Barrels are rotary forged and precision-rifled to deliver remarkable accuracy. They are drilled and tapped to accept scope mounts or are supplied with claw mounts. 

Stunning Side PlatesYou can also zero in on your target using the V-notch rear and front blade sights. For added versatility and to increase your shooting pleasure, all three versions of the Sable can be fitted with a set of 20 gauge shotgun barrels.

S689 Sable Over-and-Under Express Rifles come in three distinctive versions.Ultra Strong Chambers Each of these magnificent guns features automatic ejectors and over-and-under Beretta rifle barrels-made from hardened, cold hammer-forged, high-strength nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel -known for their durability and accuracy.S689 Gold Sable Shown with Zeiss® Scope

The S689 EELL Diamond Sable is available in your choice of .30-06 or 9.3x74R chambering. It is embellished with gold inlaid game heads on a color case hardened receiver with full side plates. 20 gauge shotgun barrels may also be fitted to these guns. Diamond Sable models are supplied with a hook-in base Zeiss® Diatal Scope System. S689 Silver Sable shown with Beretta ScopeA fine leather custom fitted case provides the perfect place to store this exceptional gun.Zeiss® Diatal Scope System

The S689 Gold Sable is also available in your choice of .30-06 or 9.3x74R chambering. It displays light scroll engraving on a color case-hardened receiver. The gun can be safely secured in its custom fitted genuine leather case.

The S689 Silver Sable is chambered for .30-06, 9.3x74R and .444 and features open barrel construction for enhanced heat dispersion and a specially styled receiver. On request, a hook-in base Beretta 4x32 scope system is available. All three S689 Sable models share the outstanding performance characteristics that make Beretta Express Rifles the choice of hunters from Africa to the Americas.

S689 Sable Express Rifles Specifications
Model Caliber*  Barrel Length (cm/in) Average Weight (Kg/Lbs)° 
9.3x 74R .375H&H Mag.  .416 Rigby
S689 Silver Sable 61/24  3.50/7.7 
S689 Gold Sable    61/24  3.50/7.7
S689 EELL Diamond Sable •  •    61/24  3.50/7.7
*S689 Sable Models are available with interchangeable 20 gauge shotgun barrels upon request.° Weights are approximate, dependent on wood density and barrel length 

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