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AL390 Competition Shotguns

Here's a family of true competition auto loaders that provides trap, skeet and sporting clays shooters exactly what they're looking for.

The AL390 Competition Guns share their name with field models, but specific changes make them true competition guns. Stock and fore-ends are specially designed to give you the edge you need in each shooting discipline. Fuller, competition style stock and pistol grip enhance control. The AL390 12 gauge's rounded receiver profile and broad ventilated rib ensure quick target acquisition. Matte black finish on the top of the receiver reduces glare. A gold-plated trigger and tasteful engraving complete the package. The AL390's self-compensating gas system makes it one of the softest shooting autoloaders you'll find right out of the box. The benefit is reduced felt recoil and improved second shot recovery. 

It handles the full range of target loads interchangeably and provides years of trouble-free shooting. Barrels are cold-hammer forged for extra strength and durability. Chambers and bores are hard chromed. Chokes are configured according to discipline: Trap guns have fixed or Mobilchoke® systems; skeet guns have fixed skeet chokes; and sporting clays guns have the Beretta Mobilchoke system. Factory ported barrels are available. Beretta's adjustable drop and cast system on every AL390 competition gun assures a custom fit. Spacers allow quick adjustment of both the vertical and horizontal angle of the stock to conform to each shooter's size and shape. The result is effortless pointability and less felt recoil. With features like these, it's not surprising that many of the top American sporting clays shooters use Beretta autoloaders.AL390 Trap

The AL390 Trap is distinguished by a wide ventilated rib with white front and mid-rib beads, a Monte Carlo stock and special trap recoil pad.

The AL390 SkeetAL390 Skeetoffers a wide ventilated flat rib, specially designed skeet stock and interchangeable rubber skeet pad.

The AL390 Sporting is AL390 Sportingbuilt for sporting clays and is available in both 12 and 20 gauge models. The 12 gauge features slimmer competition stock, rounded receiver, wide ventilated flat rib and special interchangeable rubber sporting type recoil pad.

The new AL390 20 Gauge Sporting is ideally proportioned as a competition sporting gun and comes complete with radiused recoil pad, special stock dimensions, wide competition-style rib and Mobilchoke versatility. A special youth version is also available with trimmed down stock for a 13-1/2" length of pull.AL390 Sporting -20 Gauge

The new AL390 20 Gauge Youth Collection Sporting offers the performance advantages of the 20 gauge youth sporting model with an exciting, bolt designer look that's sure to make you stand out in aAL390 20 Gauge Youth Collection Sporting crowd.

The new AL390 Gold Sporting comes in both 12 gauge with rounded receiver and a 20 gauge model. The AL390 Gold Sporting's receivers are tastefully engraved with gold-filled game scenes, PB logo, and a "P. Beretta" signature on satin black or new silver side panels. Upgraded wood and checkering make these two guns real winners.

AL390 Competition Semi-Automatic Specifications
Model Gauge Chamber Chokes
Barrel Length (cm/in)
Overall Length (cm/in) 
Average Weight (Kg/Lbs)** 
Stock Drop Comb 
(mm/in) Heel 
Length of Pull (mm/in) 
66/26 71/28 76/30 81/32
AL390 Trap 12  76/3  MC/Fixed    126/49.6 3.55/7.8  31/1.22 33/1.30  40/1.57 45/1.77 45/1.77 51/2.00 373/14.7 
AL390 Skeet 12  76/3 Fixed °       121/47.6 3.45/7.6 33/1.30 34/1.34  -
55/2.17 60/2.36 373/14.7
AL390 Sporting  12  76/3  MC      122/47.8  3.45/7.6  33/1.30 34/1.34 -
55/2.17 60/2.36 373/14.7
AL390 Sporting  20 76/3  MC      122/47.8 3.45/7.6  33/1.30 34/1.34 -
55/2.17 60/2.36 373/14
AL390 Gold Sporting  12  76/3  MC      122/47.8 3.45/7.6  33/1.30 34/1.34  -
55/2.17 60/2.36  373/14.7
AL390 Gold Sporting  20  76/3 MC      122/47.8 3.45/7.6  33/1.30 34/1.34  -
55/2.17 60/2.36  373/14.7
AL390 Youth/Collection Sptg.  20  76/3  MC       120/47.0 3.45/7.6  33/1.30 34/1.34  -
55/2.17 60/2.36  348/13.7
All models equipped with wide, ventilated rib. *MC Mobilchoke tubes standard. Fixed chokes available on request. °Indicates optional barrel length available on request.** Overall length based on 28" barrel shotgun (30" for Trap models) unless otherwise specified. °°Weights are approximate, dependent on wood density and barrel length. 

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