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The key to superior performance in semi-automatic shotguns is simplicity. In addition to its reliable, soft-shooting gas system, Beretta offers two other unbeatable alternatives. 
The rugged, mechanically operated Pintail combines special hunting features with reliability and dependability.
Our tough 1201 FP semi-auto delivers quick cycling firepower and absolute reliability in a durable, no-nonsense package.

The versatile Pintail is ideal for turkey, waterfowl or deer. The Pintail's lightweight streamlined design offers instinctive handling, responsiveness and pointability. The reliable, short recoil, mechanical action delivers the power of a locked breech shotgun, so 100% of the gases are concentrated behind the shot wad for extra power and range.

One Piece Receiver and Barrel Design Take down is easy for cleaning, transportation or storage. The Pintail semi-automatics can handle anything from 2-3/4 inch loads to the heaviest 3 inch magnums. The vertical wedged locking lug ensures a perfect lock-up. Stock and fore-end feature real cut checkering and are made of straight grained wood for greater durability. Sling swivels are provided. The Pintail is available with a 24, 26 or 28 inch barrel and features the fully interchangeable Mobilchoke® choke tube system.Pintail

The Pintail Slug, specially for deer hunting, features a one-piece receiver and barrel design that locks these key components together. This stability further enhances accuracy by keeping a scope properly aligned with the barrel with no chance of movement. This new fully rifled slug barrel is available in 24 inchPintail Slug length.

The rugged Model 1201 FP semi-automatic delivers built-in Beretta reliability and quality. With a heritage as a law enforcement shotgun, the 1201 FP delivers consistent shot-after-shot dependability and virtually indestructible construction. It even features the same three-dot sight system as the 92F pistol. The short recoil, mechanically operated system handles six, 2-3/4 inch or five, 3 inch shells in an extended tube one in the chamber. 1201 FPThe 1201 FP's lightweight, matte black polymer stock shrugs off the roughest treatment. Metal parts are protected with Beretta's exclusive weather resistant matte black finish. Bolt and trigger are finished in matte silver. The gun's short, 18 inch barrel maneuvers easily in close-quarter situations.Three Dot Sight System Designed by law enforcement professionals for law enforcement professionals, the 1201 FP is the ideal choice for those individuals who are serious about home protection.

Pintail & 1201 FP Autoloaders Semi-Automatics Specifications
Model Gauge Chamber Chokes*
Barrel Length (cm/in)
Overall Length (cm/in)** 
Average Weight (Kg/Lbs)**
Stock Drop Comb 
(mm/in) Heel 
Length of Pull (mm/in) 
46/18 52/20 61/24  67/26 71/28
Pintail  12  76/3 MC      119.5/47  3.30/7.3 35/1.4  55/2.2 372/14.6
Pintail Slug 12  76/3 Rifled Bbl.         114.5/45  3.20/7.0 35/1.4 55/2.2  372/14.6 
1201 FP 12  76/3  MC        106.0/42  2.85/6.3  - - 368/14.5
Pintail model is equipped with ventilated, field type (7mm) rib, Pintail Slug and 1201 FP are without rib. *MC Mobilchoke tubes standard. CL indicates cylinder chokes.* Indicates optional lengths available on request.** Pintail overall length based on 26" barrel shotgun, 24" for Pintail Slug, 20" for 1201 FP. Weights are approximate, dependent on wood density and barrel length.

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