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New Beretta 470 Silver Hawk

Through years of evolution, well-proven shotguns in the side-by-side configuration have exhibited the best of Beretta's skill. Surprisingly light and responsive, they incorporate features that enhance performance and durability while preserving their simplicity...appealing to sportsmen worldwide with their flawless execution, their superior durability and their unsurpassed ease of handling. Now a new side-by-side has been added to Beretta's distinguished lineage of side-by-sides. It flawlessly incorporates an array of innovations that set it apart from all that have gone before.

Innovations keep Beretta's new 470 Silver Hawk flying high above the rest.Silver Chrome Finish. The 470 Silver Hawk's classic design perfectly combines the traditional elements and styling characteristics of a side-by-side with the advanced technology of state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Technologically sophisticated laser technology is used to actually fuse the barrel tubes to the Monobloc, creating the unique Beretta Block™ a solid steel barrel chamber set with no brazing or other mechanical attachment to mar the perfect alignment of these two all-important components. The result is more than a seamless assembly of unyielding strength. It is a classic look that will never be out of date. The ejection system of the 470 Silver Hawk offers the shooter two choices for removing spent shotshells.470 Silver Hawk - 20 Gauge An innovative selector switch, located on the fore-end iron, provides for automatic ejection or manual extraction. It's an environmentally friendly way of keeping spent hulls from littering fields. The patented locking mechanism of this remarkable gun is precision manufactured through advanced Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) that removes metal with astonishing accuracy and repeatability. The innovative "progressive" bottom locking system ensures a solid lock-up, year after year. The 470 Silver Hawk's durability and operational integrity are assured by the hard, corrosion-resistant, silver chrome finish on all exposed metal parts. Every one of these components-from the receiver, to the bores and chamber, to the elegant fore-end iron, to the top lever, trigger, trigger guard and trigger plate - are protected by this though, stylish surface finish.Choice of Ejection Systems.

An array of distinctive details makes the 470 Silver Hawk a true standard. To emphasize its role as a 470th Anniversary symbol, an array of special touches that elevate Beretta guns into a class of their own were carefully crafted into the design of this exceptional shotgun. The elegant, low profile receiver is made of a nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel alloy and features fine hand-chased engraving. Barrels are made of "Excelsior" high tensile steel. The elegantly designed barrel rib is smooth and concave in shape. The classic English-style stock and slender, finely checkered fore-end are made of select walnut with traditional oil finish to highlight the wood's beauty. The fore-end is further enhanced with a fore-end iron featuring fine engraving. The top lever is checkered and highlighted with fine engraving and a gold inlaid hawk's head. The trigger plate features an oriented locking screw. The new 470 Silver Hawk Side-by-side is available with a single selective or double Fine Handtrigger and comes with either 26 or 28 inch barrels in 12 or 20 gauge. An ultra-tough ABS case is included.

History repeats itself with this modern Beretta classic. Once again, Beretta introduces a side-by-side destined to carve a unique niche in the community of discerning hunters. The 470 Silver Hawk is much more than just another new gun. It's the latest example of gunmaking excellence that only the craftsmen at Beretta can achieve. A clear indication of how 470 years of tradition can translate into one extraordinary shotgun.

470 Silver Hawk Side-by-Side Specifications
Model Gauge Chamber Chokes
Barrel Length (cm/in) 
Overall Length (cm/in)** 
Average Weight (Kg/Lbs)'' 
Stock Drop Comb 
(mm/in) Heel 
Length of Pull (mm/in) 
67/26 71/28
470 Silver Hawk  12  76/3  Fixed      114/44.7  2.95/6.49  35/1.38  55/2.17  368/14.5
470 Silver Hawk  20  76/3 Fixed   114/44.7  2.70/5.94  35/1.38  55/2.17  368/14.5
All models equipped with solid field type rib. *Fixed chokes: 26 inch IC/IM; 28 inch M/F. ** Overall length based on 28" barrel shotgun unless otherwise specified. ''Weights are approximate, dependent on wood density and barrel length. 

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