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When you're in the field, the AL390 is designed to be the perfect hunting companion. Now the most versatile and reliable semi-auto you can own offers two new options to add to your hunting experience.

New AL390 Synthetic gives hunters a weather-proof edge. The AL390 is now available with a rugged, durable stock and fore-end built of advanced polymer compounds reinforced with fiberglass. This makes the stock strong, rigid and impervious to the harshest weather. The gun has a smooth, matte black finish from rubber recoil pad to muzzle, to cut glare. Built-in sling swivels make it easy to prepare your AL390 Synthetic for the field. The weight is unchanged, producing the same reduced recoil for which the standard AL390 is so well known. Now even if you're soaked through in your blind or battling an early freeze, the stock of your AL390 will emerge unscathed.

The new AL390 Camo model puts the advantage of Advantage® Advantage®camouflage in your hands. Just as Beretta comes to mind whenever knowledgeable shooters speak of quality firearms, AL390 CamoAdvantage® camouflage is the name for the finest in woodland patterns. Now Beretta and Advantage have teamed up to create the AL390 Camo, which features an innovative synthetic stock and fore-end covered with the Advantage pattern. The Advantage camo design features a combination of eight different earth tones, natural shapes and open areas to present four patterns in one: limb, leaf, bark and sky. This ensures the pattern will blend in with an incredible variety of natural settings and help keep the hunter concealed from game no matter what the setting or season.

AL390 Silver Mallard-SlugThe AL390 Silver Mallard is available with matte, satin finish, and cut checkering on stock and fore-end.

The versatile AL390 Silver Mallard Slug version has a receiver that is grooved to accept scope mounts. The short 22 inch or 24 inch slug barrel is equipped with special rifle sights.

The exquisite AL390 Gold Mallard features a receiver enhanced withAL390 Gold Mallard-Black a new engraving presentation of jumping mallards, snipe and "P. Beretta" signature. The bolt and magazine carrier are jeweled, while the trigger is gold plated. The gold Mallard receiver is available in two choices-black or silvered. Fine line cut checkering highlights the highly figured walnut stock and fore-end.AL390 Youth-20 Gauge

The new AL390 Youth Model has been specifically designed to offer young shooters all the features that make the standard AL390 such a favorite among hunters. The light, 20 gauge gun is specially proportioned for smaller bodies. Featuring a 13.5 inch length of pull and 24 inch barrel, these dimensions help provide the better balance and reduced felt recoil that make the AL390 Youth Model the perfect way to introduce new shooters to the sport. The self-compensating gas system delivers all-load versatility in the field. Beretta's exclusive Mobilchoke® system comes standard.

AL390 Series Semi-Automatic Specification
Model Gauge Chamber Chokes
Barrel Length (cm/in)
Overall Length (cm/in) 
Average Weight (Kg/Lbs)** 
Stock Drop Comb 
(mm/in) Heel 
Length of Pull (mm/in) 
56/22 61/24 67/26  71/28 76/30
AL390 Silver Mallard  12  76/3  MC    •  • • • 121/47.6  3.28/7.2 34/1.34 60/2.36 368/14.5
AL390 Silver Mallard  20  76/3  MC    • • • • 121/47.6 2.90/6.4  34/1.34 60/2.36 368/14.5
AL390 Silver Mallard-Matte  12  76/3  MC    • • • • 121/47.6 3.28/7.2  34/1.34 60/2.36  368/14.5
AL390 Synthetic  12 76/3 MC   • • • • 121/47.6  3.40/7.5 34/1.34  60/2.36 368/14.5
AL390 Camo  12  76/3  MC   •  •  •  •  121/47.6  3.40/7.5  34/1.34 60/2.36 368/14.5
AL390 Silver Mallard Slug  12  76/3  CL  • •*        106/41.7  3.10/6.8  34/1.34 60/2.36 368/14.5
AL390 Gold Mallard Black  12  76/3  MC    • • • • 121/47.6 3.28/7.2  34/1.34  60/2.36 368/14.5
AL390 Gold Mallard White  12  76/3  MC    • • • • 121/47.6 3.28/7.2  34/1.34  60/2.36  368/14.5
AL390 Youth  20 76/3 MC    • • • • 112/44.1 2.90/6.4 34/1.34  60/2.36 342/13.5 
All models equipped with ventilated, field type (6mm) rib, except Slug model, which is without rib. °MC-Mobilchoke tubes standard. Fixed chokes available on request. CL indicates cylinder chokes.* Indicates optional barrel length available on request.**Overall length based on 28" barrel shotgun (22" for Slug model, 24" for Youth model) unless otherwise specified.** Weight approximate, dependent on wood density and barrel length. 

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