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The A304 Lark semi-automatic combines all the traditional strengths and light weight of the renowned Beretta 300 Series shotguns with the contemporary good looks of the AL390. The shape of the A304's receiver is the same as that of the AL390's but it weighs more than a pound less because a special alloy is used that's as strong as steel but 65% lighter.

An operating system as simple as Beretta can make it.Beretta's traditional Gas Operating System The 12 gauge A304 Silver Lark is chambered for 2-3/4 inch shells. It uses Beretta's traditional 300 Series gas system, with a rugged, one piece stainless steel piston. Proven over the years for its superior reliability, the system is self-cleaning. 

There's nothing to break , lubricate or wear out. Because of its exceptional simplicity, the A304 field strips faster than any other shotgun you've ever owned. The trigger group features such semplicity of design and exceptional ruggedness tha it is virtually indestructible. Since it is locked securely in place by a single pin, it can be removed for cleaning and lubrication.

An array of features makes the A304 a technological standout.A304 Silver Lark SlugEase of operation is just the beginning of what this remarkable gun offers the discriminating sportsman. The convenient magazine cut-off enables you to eject the cartridge in the breech and hand feed a different load without emptying the magazine. It's located on the left side of the receiver and can be engaged with one hand. You enjoy the versatility of Beretta's Mobilchoke® screw-in choke tube system. The cross bolt safety is reversible for left-handed shooters. The longer sighting plane, the finger wells in the well-proportioned, A304 Silver Larksemi-Beavertail fore-end and the hand cut, wrap around checkering all combine to enhance the A304's accuracy, control and pointability. The receiver is satin finished to reduce glare. An ingenious, easily adjusted system of drop and cast washers are provided with every A304 to A304 Gold Lark-Blackenable hunters to alter drop and cast on/cast off angle of the stock to fit each shooter's size and shape. Built to last for generations, the A304 Lark features a barrel made of nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel with a hard-chromed steel bore that ensures truer, more consistent shot patterns. The locking bolt and trailing arm assembly are constructed of heavy duty steel. The one piece trailing arm assures trouble-free operation. Anodized alloy and high strength steels are used throughout the gun's construction to withstand many years of corrosion and stress. 

A choice of elegant embellishments.The A304 Gold LarkChoose from the standard Silver Lark, deluxe Gold Lark or the Silver Lark Slug version of the A304. The Silver Lark features handsome scroll work on a black receiver with non-glare top surface. A gold-filled "P. Beretta" signature and upland scenes, featuring a snipe and jumping mallards, are engraved on the receiver of the Gold Lark. Available barrel lengths are 24, 26, 28 and 30 inches for the Silver and Gold Lark and 20,22 and 24 inches for the Silver Lark Slug version.

A304 Lark Semi-Automatics
Model Gauge Chamber Chokes
Barrel Length (cm/in)
Overall Length (cm/in) 
Average Weight (Kg/Lbs)** 
Stock Drop Comb 
(mm/in) Heel 
Length of Pull (mm/in) 
56/22 61/24 67/26  71/28 76/30
A304 Silver Lark  12  70/2¾ MC      121/47.6  3.00/6.6  33/1.3  55/2.2 368/14.5
A304 Silver Lark Slug 12  70/2¾ CL        106/41.7  2.90/6.4  33/1.3  55/2.2  368/14.5
A304 Gold Lark-Black  12  70/2¾  MC    121/47.6  3.00/6.6 33/1.3  55/2.2  368/14.5
A304 Gold Lark-White  12 70/2¾ MC   121/47.6  3.00/6.6 33/1.3  55/2.2  368/14.5
All models equipped with ventilated, field type (6mm) rib, except Slug model, which is without rib. °MC-Mobilchoke tubes standard. Fixed chokes available on request. CL indicates cylinder chokes.* Indicates optional barrel length available on request.**Overall length based on 28" barrel shotgun (22" for Slug model) unless otherwise specified.** Weight approximate, dependent on wood density and barrel length. 

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