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Gold Shotguns

BPS Shotguns

Citori Field 

Citori High-
Grade Shotguns

Citori Sporting /
Target Shotguns

BT-100 Shotguns

Custom Guns


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Gold Camo
Get down and dirty...
Gold Waterfowl in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Camo Gold Waterfowl in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass™
Gold Turkey/Waterfowl Shotgun in Mossy Oak Breakup Camo Gold Turkey/Waterfowl in Mossy Oak Breakup™
Gold Deer Shotgun in Mossy Oak Breakup Camo Gold Deer Gun in Mossy Oak Breakup™

Gold Stalkers
Not all that's gold glitters...
Gold Stalker Shotgun Gold Stalker
Gold Classic Stalker Shotgun Gold Classic Stalker
Gold Turkey/Waterfowl Stalker Shotgun Gold Turkey/Waterfowl Stalker
Gold Deer Stalker Shotgun Gold Deer Stalker

Gold Hunters
Join the gold rush...
Gold Hunter Shotgun Gold Hunter
Gold Classic Hunter Shotgun Gold Classic Hunter
Gold Turkey/Waterfowl Hunter Shotgun Gold Turkey/Waterfowl Hunter
Gold Deer Hunter Shotgun Gold Deer Hunter

Gold Specials
Hi-Grade Classic and 20 gauges...
Gold Classic High Grade Shotgun Gold Classic High Grade
Gold 20 gauge Shotgun Gold 20 gauge
Gold Classic 20 gauge Shotgun Gold Classic 20 gauge

Gold Sporting
It's all about speed...
Gold Golden Clays Shotgun Golden Clays
Gold Sporting Clays Shotgun Gold Sporting Clays
Gold Ladies/Youth Sporting Clays Shotgun Gold Ladies/Youth Sporting Clays

Gold 10 gauges
Air traffic controllers...
Gold 10 gauge Combo Gold 10 gauge Combo

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